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Are you a fashion designer, model, or stylist? Well we are the one fashion television series from Miami FL that can take your career to new heights. Contact us today if you are really serious about showcasing your talents on the big screen.

Based on popular demand, we have created a TV production (based in Miami, FL), to cater to the overwhelming need for up and coming model & fashion designer exposure. We do media coverage of fashion shows world wide, and give our viewer an inside look in the world of fashion. We also do exclusive interviews of models & fashion designers at a minimal fee. If you contact us today, we can schedule a filming that will showcase your talent to the world. So, wait no longer, contact us today and get your film date booked. Being that we cater to up coming talent, the production cost should not be an issue, so call today. Remember, you must invest in yourself, before anyone else will.

As a production team we are so excited about the launch of our fashion television series. Our hosts are guaranteed to keep you entertained as they show the viewers an inside look of fashion around the globe. So tune in our YouTube channel for more mouth watering fashion from new up and coming fashion around the world.

Please, contact us today for a consultation, and we will get you on the right track. Not only do we film a fashion TV show, but we also coach up and coming professionals like yourself into their destiny. So, contact us today, what do your have to loose? Join the winning team, beacause anything less would be unfashionable.

Follow us on Hangouts, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram & Facebook: @behindthefabrictv

Click on the photo brochure link below to view our full brochure down load, which has more information. If for any reason you have any futher question or concerns feel free to contact us via email to schedule a consultaion, at:


Drew Hinds

Drew L. Hinds Jr. is a photojournalist and has written and published four books in total, and two of those books are from his, "Don't Spoil Your Appetite/ Self Help Series." He has appeared at numerous events as guest speaker, the Palm Beach Post Newspaper (FL), including the 2009 Harlem Book Fair Author Panel in New York, the 2008 Raise the Praise Youth Convention in Toronto, On, Canada, the Riviera Beach (FL) Library Author's Night in 2010, has been interviewed by numerous radio programs, and is the film director @behindthefabrictv. He also has been interviewed by CBS Channel 12 News Emmy Award - Winning News Anchor Juan Carlos Fanjul titled, "Self-help author 'on duty'."

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