Visionary Drew Hinds Live on the Radio

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For those of you who live in the Palm Beach County, FL area, Drew Hinds was live on the radio on X102.3 FM gospel program “South Florida Sunday,” recently. He had the pleasure of being interviewed by Ms. Marian Dozier (who previously worked as a journalist from the Sun Sentinel News Paper). Trust me you won’t want to miss this one. So, click on the audio link on this page to hear the entire radio interview.

Drew Hinds

Drew L. Hinds Jr. is a photojournalist and has written and published four books in total, and two of those books are from his, "Don't Spoil Your Appetite/ Self Help Series." He has appeared at numerous events as guest speaker, the Palm Beach Post Newspaper (FL), including the 2009 Harlem Book Fair Author Panel in New York, the 2008 Raise the Praise Youth Convention in Toronto, On, Canada, the Riviera Beach (FL) Library Author's Night in 2010, has been interviewed by numerous radio programs, and is the film director @behindthefabrictv. He also has been interviewed by CBS Channel 12 News Emmy Award - Winning News Anchor Juan Carlos Fanjul titled, "Self-help author 'on duty'."

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